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Few common questions about HR consultants career in India

Is HR Consulting a sustainable business model? What are the significant difficulties players are looking in this field? HR Consulting is a feasible plan of action since its need is characteristically connected to advancement of associations. Also, there is monstrous deficiency of good HR ability in the market. To draw a relationship, there is no

Goods and Services Tax (GST) and Consultants India

GST is an indirect tax and will emerge at the time of supply, is charged to purchaser of service, who in turn gets credit and finally the end customer bears this expense as the last individual/entity in the supply chain. GST comes on from 1st July 2017. There are 3 different taxes inside GST: CGST

Best Financial Planning Consultants in India

Financial Planning is a scientific tool which encourages you to distinguish and organize your future needs and dreams, measure them into monetary terms and deal with your assets in such a way in order to satisfy every one of your objectives in view of your risk profile. Financial planning gives a guide to satisfy financial

Strategy Consultants India

Customers realize that strategy becomes pointless without swift, lithe execution. It’s the genuine doing, the execution attached to the thinking , that benefits you the most. Indus Guru strategy consultants trusts a better working world means tending to big, complex industry issues to deliver results that develop, improve and secure our customers’ businesses. We work

Smart IT Consulting Services from Indus-Guru Technology Consultants India

We give CTO level (Chief-Technology-Officer Level) Technology Consulting services, in addition to a  great degree bother free and practical “turnkey” software development encounter. The Indus Guru IT service dedicatedly oversees and monitors innovation on a turn-key and bother free premise, along these lines enabling customers to concentrate totally on the business and not the product!

Responsibilities of a Marketing Consultant in India

Ensure compelling conveyance of the India examinations marketing plan Work with Business Development Manager and Marketing partners to execute business improvement activities in the area To adequately create and oversee customer connections crosswise over relegated an area. To bolster the conveyance of promotional occasions and give authoritative help To assemble and report frequently on market

Business Consultancy for Startups in India

Business Consultancy for Startups in India In the event that you are a start up, little or medium estimated endeavour, you can profit by drawing in us in any or the greater part of the accompanying regions. The excellence is that we relate ourselves intimately with you to guarantee the systems are executed with artfulness

HR Consultants India

Hire HR Consultant For Smooth Working Of Your Business In the course of the most recent couple of years, the HR scene in India has seen an advancement with more organizations paying special mind to sorted out staffing and workforce arrangements. Having seen the advancing patterns of the business, Indus Guru provides experts in this

Financial Consultants India

Financial Consulting Services And Financial Consultants In India Financial consulting has been a major requirement of an organization whether it’s small or big. In today’s competitive world, organizations are needed to have solid, effective business plans and ideas to stay ahead in the race. For this, they hire experienced financial consultants with knowledge on current

Freelance Business experts India

Why Should Your Company Need A Freelance Business experts In India? Freelance business expertise work is an established trend in Western economies and a fast growing one in India as well. Organisations want to be become more responsive in addressing rapid change in the economy and hence they are looking for flexible ways to engage