Day: July 14, 2017

Goods and Services Tax (GST) and Consultants India

GST is an indirect tax and will emerge at the time of supply, is charged to purchaser of service, who in turn gets credit and finally the end customer bears this expense as the last individual/entity in the supply chain. GST comes on from 1st July 2017. There are 3 different taxes inside GST: CGST

Best Financial Planning Consultants in India

Financial Planning is a scientific tool which encourages you to distinguish and organize your future needs and dreams, measure them into monetary terms and deal with your assets in such a way in order to satisfy every one of your objectives in view of your risk profile. Financial planning gives a guide to satisfy financial

Strategy Consultants India

Customers realize that strategy becomes pointless without swift, lithe execution. It’s the genuine doing, the execution attached to the thinking , that benefits you the most. Indus Guru strategy consultants trusts a better working world means tending to big, complex industry issues to deliver results that develop, improve and secure our customers’ businesses. We work